Big Bunch Registration Mentor


    IMPORTANT NOTE: Recording of audio/video, and/or screen capturing of online activities are prohibited for anyone outside of BBBSY staff. Any individual failing to comply will be permanently removed from the group and their agency file will be closed. Please help us respect and maintain the privacy of the children, families, and mentors who are excited to take part in these virtual activities.
  • I hereby consent to Big Brothers Big Sisters of York (BBBSY), the use of any photographs, audio and/or video recordings taken of me during the program as authorized by the BBBSY President & CEO or Board of Directors. I give my permission for this media to be used by BBBSY for purposes of promotional material including brochures, posters, newsletters, media information, advertisements, audio-visual productions and digital media, (such as the BBBSY website and social media). Photographs or video productions may also be shared with community and school partners for program promotion.