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With the help of amazing volunteers, BBBS has been providing children and youth with positive mentoring programs throughout York Region and Bradford West Gwillimbury for 50 years.  We know that when young people are empowered to achieve their full potential, the entire community can thrive.

To learn more about our many programs and the requirements of our Mentors, please review Our Programs.

If after reviewing Our Programs you believe mentoring is a good fit for you, please complete the Volunteer Inquiry form found below.

Please note:
Volunteers enrolment is based directly off the needs of the youth in each community.
For that reason, some volunteer opportunities may not be available in certain municipalities.

If, however, you are unsure if mentoring is right for you, or if you would like to get involved with BBBS in another way, please contact or complete our Volunteer Inquiry Form below and someone will be in touch to discuss your options.

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  • Please note you must be a resident of York Region or Bradford West Gwillimbury
  • Please be aware that some of our volunteer Mentor opportunities are currently virtual. Therefore, we are seeking volunteer applicants who are comfortable using online communication platforms (i.e. Zoom).

How the Volunteering Process Works

The order of the steps in the application process can vary, but the following is a general overview of our process at BBBSY.  The Mentor Applicant will:

  • Complete the Volunteer Mentor Application
  • Provide three to four references
  • Review an Orientation Package
  • Submit a Police Vulnerable Sector Check – instructions and authorization letter will be provided
  • Participate in an in-person/virtual interview with a Program Staff
  • Successfully complete a Mentor Pre-Match Training session
  • Attend a Developmental Relationship Training
  • Receive notification of acceptance/non-acceptance

How the Matching Process Works

Similar to the application process, the matching process can vary for different individuals and programs.  The following is a general overview of the matching process for our Big Brother, Big Sister, and Big Buddy Programs.

  • The Caseworker, now familiar with the volunteer as well as the children/youth waiting for Mentors, searches for a suitable match based on personality, proximity, and common interests
  • The Caseworker will then discuss the potential match with all parties individually
  • If everyone agrees to meet, the Caseworker will facilitate a Pre-Match Meeting with the child/youth, guardian, and Mentor
  • Time is given (generally one week) to the Mentor and family to think about the meeting and determine whether or not the match would be successful
  • If everyone agrees to move forward, the Caseworker will facilitate a Match Meeting, at which time a Match Agreement is signed that outlines all necessary details including frequency of outings and contact information
  • If one or more parties decide after a Pre-Match Meeting that the match does not seem like a good fit, the Caseworker will begin the process again
  • All programs require Mentors and Mentees to participate in regular match monitoring to ensure everyone is satisfied with the match and adhering to agency standards