“One thing I’m going to differently after Virtual Game On! is be nicer and kinder because it showed that it matters to be really nice.”

“The mentors are very nice and friendly towards everyone. They include all ideas and they treat others with respect. They are also fun to talk to, because of many similar interests. The activities are fun and engaging, and they are fun for learning about other people.”
“This is a great program and my son really benefits from it a lot too! We really appreciate all your hard work to make it happen!”

Step 1: General Information

Virtual Game On! is a group mentoring program for male-identified participants, between the ages of 10-15. Facilitated by male-identified Mentors, participants are provided with the opportunity to engage in fun and interactive discussions and activities via Zoom. The program promotes physical activity, positive nutrition, stress management, and building relationship skills.

Virtual Game On! runs once a week for 8 consecutive weeks in groups of 8-10 participants.

The program strives to do the following:

  • Offer a network for male-identified participants to feel connected and build positive relationships with fellow participants and the Mentors
  • Openly discuss current and pressing issues facing male-identifying youth through the lens of healthy living
  • Provide tools to support physical activity, positive nutrition, and communication skills
  • Offer self-care strategies to promote wellness while reducing stress and anxiety in response to COVID-19
  • Encourage independent thinking, leadership skills and positive problem-solving abilities
  • Provide guidance in establishing and maintaining friendships
  • Above all, make a difference while having fun

Step 2: Requirements

  • Mentors must be male identified and approximately 18-30 years old
  • Able to commit 1-2 hours a week during the school day for 8 consecutive weeks
  • Able to facilitate at least 2 Game On! programs over the course of 12 months
  • Not anticipating any major life changes that could impact a match (i.e. moving, change in employment, etc.)
  • Able to facilitate and engage a group of children while having fun and building positive relationships

Step 3: How It Works


Please complete the online application form. You will be contacted by a Program Coordinator within 2-3 business days regarding next steps.


We will send an email to confirm we’ve received your application along with a police check letter, your orientation manual, an AODA Training link and an AODA form.


Police Checks must be returned to our office and references must be completed before an interview can be scheduled.


An agency Program Coordinator will contact you to book a time to complete the Interview.


Your Program Coordinator will provide you with a link for our Pre-Match Training video and quiz following the interview. This can be completed at home at your earliest convenience. You will also be required to attend one of our interactive virtual Developmental Relationship Trainings. Dates will be provided to you for registration.



If you are accepted as a volunteer, you will receive confirmation from an agency Program Coordinator with information on next steps.

Step 4: Inquire Now

We’re so glad you’re interested …..