When you join the Big Impact Club, you’re doing more than just becoming a monthly donor – you’re investing in our communities children and youth. You’re defending the kids whose potential is at risk by helping them meet their Big Brother or Sister!

Many young people find themselves in vulnerable situations and facing adversities such as mental health issues, family violence, identity issues or poor living conditions, which put these youth at risk of not reaching their full potential.

With the guidance and support of a mentor, these risks can be avoided, and these young people can gain the confidence to achieve more – higher incomes, happier lives, more contributions to their communities.

Our mentors advise and challenge these young people, act as their champions, provide greater consistency in their lives, connect them to broader experiences, opportunities and networks, and provide safe, nonjudgmental environments in which the child or youth can confide anything.

Joining our Big Impact Club means you’re involved in bettering the lives of youth and our community as a whole. It’s something you can feel good about day in and day out. Consider the different impacts and choose a monthly gift that works for you. Monthly donations can be adjusted at any time.